Your waist

The waist circumference is the narrowest part of your torso. The hip is the fullest point of the bum, measured around the center of your pelvis. Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. For example, if your waist is 32", the best match would be a SD waist size of "S".


Important to note  Important to note:
  • - The actual product circumference is smaller than 32", to allow the fabric to stretch perfectly against your body.
  • - The sizing chart refers to standard body types.
  • - Fitting may be different for people with the same size.
  • - The fabric stretching level may impact the sizing recommendations.
  • - As a general rule, most of SQUEEZE.DOG styling is moderately, body-tight.
  • - In some case, a particular size may be extra short or extra tight. 
  • - Please consult the 'sexiness meter' chart for each item.
  • - If in doubt, it is usually recommended taking one size up your normal jeans or shirt size.

Tip: The stretching levelsThe stretching level of the fabric is shown in the 'sexiness meter' chart on each product page
(1= little stretching; 5= maximal stretching). information can help you find the best fit. Consider also the fitting advice in the product information tab. So you can make an informed decision.

Do contact us if you are not sure! Returns of unused items are accepted for money refund or item exchange up to 365 days*! Some conditions apply. Make sure to read our return policy.

Sizing chart | information about waist size measurements and fitting advice. See the table for the recommended sizes in inch or cm.

Your chest


The same advice as for your waist. The measurements in the chest sizing chart are indicative for the most probable 'best fitting'. Variations in fitting may occur, especially when the fabric choice has a stretching level of "1" (limited stretching) or 5" (very stretching). See the specific fabrics features of the item of your choice in the product overview page. Have a question? Contact us!


Sizing chart | information about chest size measurements and fitting advice. See the table for the recommended sizes in inch or cm.




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