The SQUEEZE.DOG Story: Unleash Yourself!

SQUEEZE.DOG is about unleashing oneself and letting go, having fun, celebrating freedom and spreading (multicultural) tolerance. SQUEEZE.DOG (pronounced as “SQUEEZE - DOG”, written in capital letters with a dot separator) is a Dutch based body wear fashion brand for men, established in Amsterdam in 2008. The brand's objective is to bring sexy, unique, hard-to-find body-wear collection for men who value the sexiness of their body, to men who dare. The brand's mission is to promote and spread a message of tolerance, fun and freedom by bringing a new body wear fashion line for men. What makes SQUEEZE.DOG unique? SD is the only, exclusively-for-men, fashion brand which combines “day” and “night” collections of swimwear, underwear and party wear, reflecting the values of fun, freedom and tolerance. SD entire line is designed to express sexiness through colors, textures, cuts and material choices that support multicultural acceptance. It's unique, small batches, boutique quality products facilitate this idea. Do you feel related to these values? Join our 'Loyal U' members club free and help us grow and spread the word.

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